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Packing Materials


|Packing materials

The type of packing materials to be used for packing is determined on the characterstics of goods to be packed and shifted. While the nature of goods is important it is also important to determine the volume of goods that is to be transported.


|Laminated Packing Film

These items include transparent sheet of nylon


|Wooden Crating

Depending on the articles if required we do wooden crating for Dining Glass, Led etc.\


|Cartoon Boxes

We have well maintained high quality cartoons to accommodate vast volume of products.


|Liquid Packaging

To pack liquid items we have a vast range of liquid materials to be packed using high quality materials.


|Air-Bubble Sheets

Air bubbled sheets provide intended flexibility to the item that is to be packed. One advantage of air-bubbled sheets as packing materials is that these sheets serve as the guard of the product.


|Corrugated Sheets

This sheets are used to wrap almost every articles apart from cartoon boxes to safeguard the articles and to wrap is a technique which is well handled by our professional team.



Each and every item is marked for identification and to handle accordingly