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Packing Methods  


The major concern is to pack your belongings in such a manner so that they can reach to their final destination safe and sound. We have all the required material and resource that can ensure the safety of your belongings. With the required expertise we can handle your items safely whether it is delicate glasswares, sensitive electronic goods or gift items.

Some of the packaging items and the methods of packing are as follows

|Bedroom Items

Bedroom items are generally very dear to a person. Clothes, linen, mattress, lampshades etc are some of the items of your bedroom that needs extra care and protection, which DTC Packers and movers are providing successfully. Mattress bags, tapes, boxes of different sizes are used for packing the bedroom items. Since the mattresses and clothes are susceptible to dirt they are packed in mattresses cover and dressers. For lampshades wrapping and packing is done simultaneously. Shade is placed on the top of the paper and then pushed down in the box. As the ballooning paper on the top of the box can damage the shade, it is avoided.


|Kitchen Appliances 

Kitchen appliances includes liquor, glassware, under the sink, silverware and utensil, pots and pans, Tupperware, bake ware etc which needs special care because of their fragile nature and importance. The materials that are used for their packaging by us are large or medium boxes, paper, tape, cell pack and marker. Glasswares are fragile and are prone to scratches hence they are packed with rolling papers. The papers used are acid free tissue paper or white paper. The dishes are packed in an extra thick box to save it from jerk. While packing ballooned papers are placed in the bottom, which act as a shock absorber. Tupperware and pots and pans are durable and they are packed in a box in definite layer using papers. Once packed the boxes are properly wrapped by the tape.

|Interior Decorative Items

Interior decorative items like paintings, dried flowers, ceramic tree, lampshades, hurricane globe, glass coffee table, fire screen etc, are basically delicate items. The exquisite finishes of these items make them valuable. Hence they must be saved from scratches and jerks. The materials used for the packing of these items are paper pads, tapes, boxes, marker, dish packs etc. The pictures are properly wrapped by the paper before they are placed in the picture cartoon. Dried flowers are expensive items and utmost care is taken to ensure its delivery in one piece. They are packed in appropriate size boxes or dish pack with ballooned paper acting as a cushion. Similarly the other objects are packed taking into the consideration the sizes of the boxes and the objects and the nature of the materials that are packed.

|Electronics Packing

For packing electronic items like computers, micro Owen, music system etc extra precaution is taken by us because they are sensitive and has zero tolerance to jerks. Packing peanuts and anti-static bubble wraps are applied for packing these frail items. The items are carefully wrapped with the anti-static bubble wrap and then taped


|Furniture Packing

Furniture are expensive items and are prone to dusts and scratches hence they must be protected from the same. Furniture is packed with paper pads and corrugated sheets, which prevents them from dust and scratching. Bubble wrap and newspaper is applied to protect the exposed legs of the tables and the chairs.

We take utmost care in packaging of your goods to ensure their safety during relocation. All the minute details are kept in mind while packing the goods. Special care is taken for packing glass items, breakable items, sophisticated items and other expensive goods.


|Dining Table Packing

Your dining table is packed with utmost care using wooden c rates and corrugated sheets to prevent any damage and scratches


|Glass Tube Packing

The most delicate of glasses is also safe with our unique glass tube packing, which prevents the edges and corners of the glass from chipping off