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We dont undertake electrical,carpentry & plumber job.

Please be advised that the vehicle transportation charges which quoted are based on the present prevailing market rates.

The carrier or their agent shallbe exempted from any loss or damage through accident,pilferage,fire rain,collision any other road or tiver hazard. we therefore recommend that goods to be insured covering risks.

We would request you to pay us 25% of all the charges in advance and balance on completion of the packing. For insurance the full amount of the                premium value to be paid before departure of the consignment.

We give Comprehensive insurance cover at the time of moving.

Payment should be made in favour of M/s. Intershift Relocations.

Due to unforeseen contingencies/events items can get damaged. To protect your possessions during the move we suggest that you ensure your                    goods.

Insurance offers coverage for the replacement value of damaged items minus depreciation.

The cost for the Insurance depends on the declared value of your possessions.

If something has been damaged we suggest that you identify it on the Inventory List and notify us in writing as soon as possible. All claims will be                given prompt attention.